If You’re on LinkedIn and Not Active………….. Why are You There?

Ask yourself this question: Would I go to a networking event and not take any business cards? Unless you are going to be a people watcher the answer is no. Ask your self this question: If I take business cards will they have the information people need to want to do a follow up call? The answer of course is yes. Then you would take the opportunity to engage with people and let them get to know you better.

Today in our enlightened world of Social Media you have joined the networking site LinkedIn. I am going to assume you are there for the purpose of attracting attention to you and your business, otherwise I would ask why be there. Given that you are there because you want to be seen and heard, how do you expect to do that with a profile that says nothing?

I am constantly looking for new connections on LinkedIn that I feel may be able to help me, or I may be able to help at some point. What I see in my searches is that the top executives have made very little or no effort at using this valuable tool the way it was meant to be used. There is no real headline, there is generally no summary and in many cases, there is no work history. Are you expecting others to fill the information for you?

In the social world today, most companies are looking for their suppliers through Social Media. They not only research companies, but they also research the people that lead and work at those companies. They form opinions of companies and people based on their social profiles and activity. As a CEO of a company can you afford to be the silent networker?

If you want to be serious about supporting your company and your employees in generating new business here are a few tips:

  1. Create a profile headline that draws people in and makes them want to read further. Tell them who you are, not what your position is. Start a relationship with them.
  2. Develop your summary to expand on who you are. What have you done and leaned from your life lessons that have provided you with the wisdom to support and lead others. If it is engaging they will move to your work history.
  3. Complete your work history and that means all of it. Tell people what you did, don’t just add a bunch of bullet points that state your accomplishments. How did you do it?
  4. Complete your educational history.
  5. Join some groups and post articles and posts on them to establish yourself as an expert in your business.

There is more you can be doing, but this will be a good start. Once you have done this, you will start to see results. It is hard work, but in the Social Selling world today it is a must.

Now ask yourself if you are not doing this to support your company and your people; Why are you there.”

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