Who are You? Does Anyone Know?

The title of this article is a result of an interesting conversation I had with a good friend a few months ago. He is in the business of matchmaking (bringing businesses with similar needs together to grow their respective revenue and solve problems).

He told me that business was flat and that he was having trouble connecting with people and getting face to face meetings, which has not typically been an issue for him. It seems that people are busier than ever and connecting is becoming an issue. I mentioned that Social Selling was really helping me drive my business and that he should consider it one of his options. His response was; “I am on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, but I am not getting any traction from them.” I suggested we take a look at his activity.

We first looked at LinkedIn and his profile. It told us he was a Sole Proprietor in his header. When we reviewed his Summary, there was nothing there. His work history was absent although he has a tremendous work history. There was nothing under Education, Articles/Posts written, Volunteering, Groups, etc. and he has a tremendous background in all of these areas. His Twitter account was similar, 62 followers and he isn’t following anyone and he has no Tweets! Facebook was the same, a picture and nothing shared.

The bottom line is being on social networks and being social are two different things.

I suggested that we look at a few people that are his competitors. We looked at three. One had a fully completed LinkedIn profile, Twitter account and Facebook page. The other two were similar to him. The question I asked him is; “Who are you and does anyone know?” The answer of course was easy. “Who do you think you would connect with if you had an issue?” The answer was obvious, the one with a full social inventory.

I see this same thing with many people. They are leaders in their business and industry, but no one knows it, because they are not telling anyone who they are.

Social and Social Selling are a fact of life in today’s business world. If you’re not there, the new selling process is passing you by. People buy from people, and they want to know who they are buying from and how, they can help them solve their problem. If there is nothing to tell them you can help, they will continue their research and find someone who can.

My friend now has a fantastic social profile over a number of sites, and he is in Groups and writing articles and posts and establishing himself as an expert at what he does. He offers great insights into his area of expertise and his business is growing again.

People know who is he is! Do people know who you are and if not, will you do something to change that?

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