Are You a Nowhere Man in the World of Social Selling?

The year was 1965 and John Lennon wrote the song Nowhere Man, which was an introspective about his life at that time. He was asking himself; “Where am I going?”

Where am I going, is a question, all corporate leaders should be asking themselves today about their company’s commitment to Social Selling. If you are not committed to it, if your sales team is not actively participating in it, you will become a Nowhere Man, and the positive revenue growth you expect from your sales team will likely become a slow decent into frustration and declining sales.

Take a look at a few of the Lennon lyrics below and ask yourself, if this is how you view the world of Social Selling;

Nowhere man, please listen (are you listening and observing what is going on around you)

You don’t know what you’re missing (do you realize that buying decision are 57% complete before you hear of them and you are missing out on sales opportunities)

Nowhere man the world is at your command (this is your opportunity to beat the competition to the sale and grow your revenue)

Or does this describe you?

He’s as blind as he can be
Just sees what he wants to see.

If this is your view of the opportunity that Social Selling offers and if this describes you and your company, you need to set a new path for your company and Sales Team. Like Lennon, if you are asking yourself were your company is going, if you’re looking for new ways to generate revenue, find new business opportunities and make your company more relevant, you need to explore Social Selling today.

The world of Social Selling can be at your command, all it takes is a little introspection on your part and a willingness to take the blinders off and see what you are missing.

Don’t be a Nowhere Man.

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