Leadership Begins and Ends at the Top

I continue to be stunned by leaders who just don’t get it. They spend thousand of dollars searching for employees, training them, developing them, etc. They throw them into the new role and expect them to be able to do the job from day 1.

I understand that when we hire for wisdom, experience and skills, there is an expectation. However, every company is different, just like each employee is different and we have different expectations for how the job is to be done. We cannot expect that a new employee will automatically be accomplished at their job immediately.

First of all, do you have a job description that clearly defines their job duties and then also defines the measures you will use to determine success in the role? If not, you can expect that the person will determine the duties and measures for themselves, and you will get what you deserve, something you didn’t want. You will likely then determine that the person is not right for the role and they will be transitioned from the company.

Now you go through the process all over again and you will also spend (not invest) in hiring, training and developing someone new.

Leadership starts at the top and the leader is the person to blame for this situation.

If you do not have job descriptions that clearly define a role and how it will be measured you have failed. If you have not provided the person with the tools to do the job so they can be successful, you have failed. If you have not linked the persons job to the success of the company (why to do it), you have failed.

You are in charge. It starts with you and not only do you need to make sure the preceding three duties are accomplished, you also need to ensure that you inspect as opposed to expect, so that the person does not fall of the rails.

They have joined your company and put their good faith in you for a reason. Don’t let them down.

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