Are You Fighting the Competition or Indifference?

The world today is one of busyness. There isn’t one person reading this article that isn’t being pulled in many different directions and unfortunately you only have so much time and attention to give. So, what does get your attention? When someone can provide you with the famous; “What’s in It for Me?” If someone can show you that they are listening to you and can provide you with what you need, then you are more likely to listen.

Unfortunately, today, too many companies are not giving their customers a reason to listen, and therefore the customer is listening, but not hearing.

If you are doing this, your biggest competitor is not the company selling the same product or service, it is you and your indifference to your potential customer.

Too many companies forget to talk to the prospective customer and determine what their needs are, because they are too busy tooting their own horn. They talk about their company and how good it is, and instead of speaking the potential customers language, they use their own.

While the customer is thinking me, me, me, the company unfortunately is thinking me, me ,me, as well. Alas there is no connection.

Your business success will come once you learn that the customer is only interested in themselves. Cut through the clutter before the competition does. Replace your indifference with listening.

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