The Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada Get It!

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA) has just released a TV spot intended to position CPAs as valuable assets to businesses heading into uncharted territory.

The spot, entitled “Record Label,” takes viewers back to the 1990s, on the verge of widespread disruption in the music industry. A group of business leaders, brainstorms solutions to declining CD sales amid the emerging so-called “internet fad.” When a CPA suggests embracing market trends and going all-in with a digital subscription platform, she’s dismissed by a shaggy-haired executive who wonders how this will help him sell CDs.

Fast forward to 2018 and the fact that Social Selling is replacing the old ways of selling:

  • Cold calls
  • Email blasts
  • Drop by visits

Like the disruption that online streaming and downloads brought to the music industry in the 1990’s, Social Selling is disrupting the Sales Process today. The question is; are you listening and are you prepared to make the changes required to embrace how the world sees selling in 2018?

Here are a few facts:

  • 57% of the buying journey is completed before a sales rep is ever involved. (Source: CEB)
  • 54% of people are now involved in the average B2B buying decision (Source: CSO Insights)
  • 75% of B2B buyers now use social media to research vendors (Source: IDC)
  • 90% of decision makers say that they never respond to cold outreach (Source: Harvard Business Review)
  • 74% of buyers say they choose the sales rep that was FIRST to add value and insight (Source: Corporate Visions)

Your world is being disrupted as we speak, just like streaming and downloading crushed CD’s and CD retailers. The question is; are you prepared to transform your sales process and engage a new way of selling to grow your revenue and find new customers?

Don’t be like the blind executive at the CD company, open your eyes and mind to the new reality and build your business before the competition shows you how it is done.

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