CEO’s – It is Your Responsibility to Ensure All Employees Know: What, How and Why to Do Their Jobs

You have a group of highly dedicated employees and your management team is the best you have ever worked with. Why is it then that there seems to be so much chaos in the company? Your perception is that certain people are responsible for certain projects, but the reality is you see overlapping responsibilities and everyone waiting for the other person to complete projects.

Well welcome to a world that unfortunately exists in too many businesses. Whether you like it or not, tools and resources such as; expectations, policies, procedures, priorities, job descriptions, goals, performance standards, and performance factors exist, because without you being in charge, your employees will determine all of the above. The problem is that each employee will interpret them in their own way, or each manager will provide their interpretation with their direct reports. If you have six managers, you now have six different ways to implement the above tools and resources.

If you do not have defined job descriptions for each role, the employees will create one by assuming what you want done. If you do not establish, define and communicate goals, your employees will establish their own. If you do not establish policies, your employees and managers will establish their own.

Who’s in Charge? You are and you can’t wish away or ignore any of these company needs, because you need to ensure they are all clarified with all of your employees. You have no choice if you want a smooth-running machine and the ability to achieve your company vision.

If you do not take charge, someone else will. As leaders, we are there to delegate not abdicate our responsibilities. We’re in charge. If you don’t fill in all of the gaps, then you run the risk that what your employees presume you expect (in good faith) will be off the mark. This leads to performance problems, unfairness in the application of tools and resources and workplace unrest.

Who’s in Charge? You are and it is your responsibility to prevent an unhappy workplace by taking the time to ensure that performance expectations are clear and specific.

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