The Beatles Changed Their Business Model…. Will You?

I am a huge fan of The Beatles. From the first time I saw them on Ed Sullivan to this day, I regard them as the most inventive writers and musicians in rock/pop history. While I love the lyrics, melodies, harmonies and musicianship, they were far greater than the sum of those attributes. They were four people who loved music and created a soundtrack for our lives, but what is not generally recognized and appreciated is that all four of them were outstanding business people. Once they shed the yolk of Brian Epstein, they had to find a way, as newly minted entrepreneurs, to continue the success they had enjoyed over the years. Those later years were their most productive as they reinvented themselves as a band and as individuals.

As business people we can learn a lot from The Fab Four. The reason for longevity in any business is an ability to lead change and get there before the competition. From Rubber Soul and Revolver to Sergeant Pepper’s and on, they invented new sounds. Gone were the melodic sugar infused songs of the pop world to songs that engaged us as they described their and our lives. They told the rest of the music world, if you want to stay with us, you’re going to have to step up your game.

I am reminded of all of this, because business today is going through a disruptive and transformational change, as social activity infiltrates itself in our businesses. Like those early days of sweet pop music, how we engaged with our customers yesterday is becoming a dinosaur. Cold calling, emailing, networking events and trade shows have diminished significantly in their ability to get us business. Today Social Selling is the new music. It has reinvented the sales process and those who want to play the selling game the old way are being left behind.

Today decisions are being made and vendors are being sourced, based on a company’s ability to navigate the new world of Social Media. Today you need to build relationships (online), you need to become an expert (online), you need to be where your customers are (online). Those companies who support this new Social Selling Process, and support their sales team in learning how to use this process, are winning the sales game.

Like The Beatles, they are current and understand that there is a new way of thinking. The Sixties was a time of upheaval and protests etc. The Beatles saw that and created music and a persona that reflected that. By staying current they not only kept their following, but were able to bring new listeners who gravitated to the new sound.

If you are not gravitating to the new sound of selling, you will disappear like many of the other bands in the sixties that couldn’t keep pace with the new sound The Beatles created. Don’t let it happen. Step up your game and embrace Social Selling, invest in your sales team with Social Selling training. Use the money that you spend on PPC to do it. It is a much better investment and will keep you at the forefront of your industry, as The Beatles have done for six decades as a group and individually.

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