About Us

Business owners learn best from other business owners.

Experience is the lessons we learn as we progress through life and our business careers. Wisdom is what we learn from those experiences that allow us to move forward and not repeat the same mistakes.

Our goal is to use the accumulated wisdom we have acquired to support you in your business and personal growth. We want to have a relationship with you that is focussed on you. This is not about selling you a program or service, it is about ensuring that you feel that we desire a relationship with you that allows you to succeed and grow. You are our number one priority.

Our Principal

Richard Doyle

Richard Doyle

Richard has over 40 years of management experience from retail management through to the Executive Suite as CEO, Owner and Board Member.

Richard began his career in retail management working for Canada’s leading office supply chain and then the leading Canadian book store chain. Leaving the retail industry to join S. C. Johnson and the consumer products industry, Richard moved into sales management and marketing. After moving through various management positions, Richard progressed to the role of National Sales Manager for their Retail Sales Division.

In the ensuing years, Richard has been the General Manager for the Ontario PGA, President of ImagineAbility providing jobs for the intellectually disabled and President of Herd North America. Richard also owned Lauridon Sports Management a recreational facility management company.

Richard founded and manages Caledonia Enterprises a sales / consulting company. Caledonia has supported many business executives / owners to deal with the challenges they face each day, as they continue the growth of their companies.

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